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Bjørvika Blomster AS 

Org. no. 926 373 374

Operagata 77E, 0194 Oslo, Norway

Mailing address:

Operagata 33, 0194 Oslo, Norway

Phone no. +47 40 00 21 26


Pictures and information on the website are the property of Bjørvika Blomster AS, partners, and/or credited creators and may not be copied without permission.

Price and payment

All prices on the website are stated in Norwegian Kroner including VAT. Shipping and possible costs from NOK 150,- (for regular delivery) will be added upon delivery. The shopping cart shows the price including costs.

If you choose "Pick up in store", no costs will be incurred.

Payment in the online store is made by credit card or invoice (only for business customers or by agreement). When paying with Visa or MasterCard, the card will be charged on the same day as the item is shipped. An invoice will be issued upon shipment of the item with a payment deadline of 10 days and will be sent to the specified email address or EHF.

When delivering multiple quantities of the same product to the same delivery address, additional shipping costs may apply, and this will be notified during the ordering process. Larger orders have their own delivery and shipping costs. The customer will be contacted if applicable. Please contact us for more information before placing a larger order in the online store.

Invoicing for individuals (over 18 years) is only possible by agreement and with a payment deadline of 10 days. In the event of delayed payment, a payment reminder and/or debt collection notice may be sent, and statutory fees may apply. If payment is still not received, the invoice will be sent to debt collection and additional costs will be incurred. Statutory default interest will be charged for delayed payments.

Order and delivery

After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation at the specified email address. Please contact us if you do not receive a confirmation or if you find any errors in the order. If we have any questions, information, or discover errors in the order, we will contact you at the specified mobile number or email address. If the ordered product is not available or sold out, and we cannot get in touch before the delivery deadline expires, we reserve the right to send a similar product or cancel the order if we cannot offer a similar product. Please note that this only applies to flower products.

  • Varene kan enkelt hentes i butikken i Operagata 77

  • Vi leverer i Oslo, Bærum, Lørenskog, Asker og Kolbotn med Bring

  • For levering kl 09-13 mand-fred, må vi ha din bestilling senest kl 17 virkedagen før

  • For levering kl 15-20 mand-fred, må vi ha din bestilling senest kl 12 samme dag

  • Levering lørdag kl 12-16 må bestilles senest kl 17 dagen før

  • Ingen levering søndager og helligdager

  • Levering fra kr 150,-

Flower delivery is handled by Bring, and the customer is responsible for ensuring that the recipient is home to receive the flowers. The flowers can be left hanging on the door if this is noted in the order and the recipient comes home within a reasonable time. The flowers will not be left outside the the door in apartment buildings where the driver cannot enter the building or because of the outdoor temperature/weather conditions .

If the recipient is not home and the flowers cannot be left outside the the door, the flowers will be returned to the store. If the customer wishes to have the flowers delivered again to the same or a new address, a new delivery fee will be charged. The flowers can also be picked up at the store without a fee.


We deliver flowers for funerals and cremations in Oslo and Bærum one hour before the ceremony starts. Delivery starts at NOK 150. Flowers for funerals and cremations must be ordered at least two business days before the ceremony takes place. We may be able to assist you if the deadline is shorter and if you do not need a wreath for the flowers. Please call us at +47 40 00 21 26. Funeral flowers without wreath will be delivered with a handwritten card.

For express delivery and questions about delivery at a specific time, please contact us at +47 40 00 21 26.

Complaints and Right of withdrawal

If you have any complaints about the quality of the flowers you receive, we ask the person who ordered the flowers to contact us by phone or email no later than two days after delivery. We will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied. Remember to have your receipt and a picture of the flowers. In the event of a complaint, we follow the Sales of Goods Act, and we also have a five-day durability guarantee on cut flowers, provided they are properly cared for.

If you have any complaints regarding the durability in accordance with the durability guarantee, come by with the flowers and the receipt, and you will receive new flowers or a voucher. Contact us by phone or email if you are unable to visit the store. Also, keep in mind that flowers have a naturally varying expected lifespan.

Flowers and plants are considered perishable goods and are exempt from the right of withdrawal. For purchases of products other than flowers and plants, the buyer may exercise their right of withdrawal in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Act. Our bouquet courses fall under the category of time-limited hobby courses and are exempt from the right of withdrawal, but can be given away or sold if you cannot use the spot yourself.

If you wish to cancel a flower order, please call us well in advance before the delivery time. In most cases, it is possible to cancel the entire order, provided that goods are not specifically ordered for the order, or that the item has been made, packaged, and possibly delivered. The customer shall be informed of these time limits, which will vary depending on the type of order, and will be charged for non-refundable costs.

In case of delayed or missing delivery that is not caused by the customer or any circumstances on the customer's side, we will do our best to deliver within a new reasonable timeframe. The customer also has the right to cancel the purchase and/or demand a refund of the purchase price. We request written notice via email if this happens.

Purchase conditions

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