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About us

After 25 years in the countryside, with a thriving garden, soil under my fingernails and a greenhouse filled to the brim with tomato plants, vines and herbs, I moved back to the city.

Now my home is here in Bjørvika. From my window facing the city, I see busy people going places. From another window I see Ekeberg, the fjord and the islands. I love living here, but something was missing...

One late summer evening in 2020, my daughters said "Mom, can't you open a flower shop?" I laughed it off, but deep down in my heart I felt, well, that's exactly what I was supposed to do.

9 months later, Bjørvika Blomster opens in the heart of Oslobukta (Oslo Bay), just a short scream (!) from the new Munch Museum. On the corner of Operagata and Rostockgata, our shop and the cobblestones outside are filled with beautiful bouquets and green plants. 

Now, after a couple of very fun and hectic years as an entrepreneur,  with an incredible amount of work, I feel that Bjørvika Blomster is well established as a high-quality flower shop with excellent customer service, a pleasant atmosphere and last but not least - the seasons finest flowers.

Now, I can´t wait to see what the next years will bring here in Oslobukta. See you!

My history

Foto: Reflektor for AMOI

I´m looking forward meeting you - whether you are looking for inspiration or flowers that brings joy to your everyday life. I have a wonderful and competent team who will help you find the perfect plant or bouquet for yourself - or someone you love.


See you!

Lena and the team


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