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Flower decoration for the dinner party

Whether you love to decorate the table yourself or need help with a more sophisticated arrangement, we can help you finding flowers for a beautiful the table decor.

When planning a dinner party, you may already have some ideas or maybe you don´t know where to start. You can choose any flowers you like to make the dinner table beautiful but a well thought out idea and choice of flowers and colors will give your party that "little extra".

We will help and guide you choose flowers and arrangement that create a beautiful frame around the dinner or party table.


Feel free to contact us well in advance if you would like a well-crafted table arrangement. We might need some time to prepare orders and ensure that everything is in place on time.

Please bring along inspiration pictures, a photo of the dinner table, vases to be used, tableware, table decorations, the room and surroundings if possible.

You may also bring your own vases for the florist to arrange with flowers of your choice, for pick-up or delivery.


Prices depend on the choice of flowers, time spent on the work, technique, and design. For price estimate or offer we recommend that you contact us and tell us about your flower wishes for the table decoration. 


What we offer

Stylish collection of cut flowers or a summer mix party bucket for the DIY customer. Ready-made arrangements, large or small. Seasonal flowers or customized to your preferences and/or theme for your dinner table or party

Get in touch to discuss possible solutions for you.

Flowers for the dinner party

Fresh flowers on the table are a must, whether the occasion is small or big. We help you find a personal and beautiful flower arrangement for the dinner or party table

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